Creating crowdfunding magnetism! Product designer raises over $400,000 on Kickstarter AND Indiegogo

Sometimes a product comes along that you know you don’t exactly need, but the way it’s made and the skill with which it’s presented makes you buy it all the same. That might go some way towards explaining what happened with the Kickstarter campaign run by our guest on Crowd Scene today.

Noam Bar Yohai – a London-based product designer – created a set of refillable, magnetic felt-tip pens and made such a fun campaign video that it made his product irresistible to thousands of people.

Noam set a goal of £7,000 in order to bring his product – called Magnetips – to life. After five weeks on Kickstarter the total amount raised stood at a whopping £260,000. He then took the project to Indiegogo and carried on raising money there, this time in US dollars.

In total, his crowdfunding efforts for this one simple product have brought in an impressive $425,000 from 7,000 backers.

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