Best Animated Oscar Winner? Ivan Mactaggart on “Loving Vincent” & the Future of Crowdfunding Films

In this episode we’re talking with Ivan Mactaggart, the producer of the hotly-anticipated movie Loving Vincent to find out more about its unique production and how exactly it got funded.

Have you ever looked at a painting and wondered what would happen if it came to life? What would the portraits say if they could tell their story? That’s what the Oscar-winning creators of Loving Vincent had in mind when they decided to make a film about Vincent Van Gogh. This is no ordinary film though – the team behind it are creating the world’s first feature film where every single frame is an oil painting.

Having already secured a grant for the movie, the team turned to Kickstarter to raise enough to begin production. In 24 days they raised £53,000 – about $75,000 – from almost 800 backers.

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