Eat Your Spoon! How the genius idea of edible cutlery attracted nearly 10,000 backers on Kickstarter

In this episode we are talking about edible cutlery and huge Kickstarter success with crowdfunder Sarah Munir. ‘Edible’ and ‘Cutlery’ are two words that don’t normally go together and yet this is a remarkable idea that may play a significant role in reducing toxic, plastic waste.

In India alone, it’s estimated that 120 billion pieces of disposable plastic cutlery are thrown away each year. So, the invention of edible, biodegradable cutlery provides an alternative that’s good for everyone.

Our guest on Crowd Scene today is Sarah Munir, the US representative of the Indian team behind edible cutlery, which recently hit the big time with this idea on Kickstarter.

The edible cutlery product is called “Bakeys” – which is a reference to the production technique. Sarah launched the Kickstarter campaign for Bakeys two months ago with a goal of $20,000. 30 days later, she had raised close to $300,000 and her campaign was backed by 9,293 people (including Pete). We find out how she did it and – perhaps more importantly – how it’s possible to eat soup with an edible spoon.

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