Coyote & Roadrunner Inspire Rocket-Powered Kickstarter Success: Designer Shares Crowdfunding advice

On the show today we’re talking with Chicago artist and designer Rob Loukotka who shares his Kickstarter success story with us. Rob happens to be a huge fan of the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons as well as an artist. He decided to bring these interests together by illustrating a poster containing every single product from the Acme Corporation!

If you’ve seen the cartoon, you’ll remember that Acme was the fictional company from which The Coyote bought things like dynamite, bombs, a giant magnet and a whole host of other paraphernalia, all of which was supposed to help him catch the Road Runner.

It turned out that Rob wasn’t the only one with fond memories of the cartoon, because more than 3,000 people backed his Kickstarter campaign to create the poster and even though his goal was a modest $3,000, he ended up raising $105,000 in a campaign that ended on Christmas Eve.

We also discuss Cory Feldman’s adventure into crowdfunding in this week’s news. Check out Cory’s campaign page and a past music video here.

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