Winnebagos & Peanut Butter: Two Best Friends Share Crowdfunding Advice & Fight World Hunger

In this episode we’re joined from Nashville, Tennessee by Alex Cox and Mark Slagle, co-founders of Good Spread Peanut Butter.

Back in 2011 they were inspired to help address malnutrition in developing countries – and their solution was unusual. But as we hear from Alex and Mark, it hasn’t all been plain sailing – or smooth spreading – they’ve had their fair share of crunchy bits along the way…

They launched a crowdfunding campaign to get their business off the ground. And for every sale of their own peanut butter, they gave an equivalent amount of life- saving therapeutic food to a malnourished child. Alex and Mark set out to raise $65,000 on Indiegogo and by the end of the campaign, 599 backers took the total up to about $70,000. So, let’s find out how they did it.

We are also joined in this episode by acclaimed crowdfunding expert Chris Day.

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