Finding Yourself Through Music: The Glass Child Shares Her Crowdfunding Secrets

Our guest in this episode is Charlotte Eriksson, also known as The Glass Child. Charlotte is a musician in her twenties, a singer/songwriter originally from Sweden, and now based in Berlin. Her passions are music and writing and she says she wanted to “create a life for myself that I could be proud of.” She started her own publishing company “Broken Glass Records” to distribute her albums. And she’s also an author, independently publishing three books. You can find her on Twitter and Tumblr where she has an enormous following of dedicated fans. In addition to her crowdfunding campaign, we talk about how she continues to survive and thrive as an independent artist.

Charlotte has written and released five EPs and is currently crowdfunding her third full length album over on PledgeMusic.  We find out how Charlotte has achieved so much in her life already and how and why she uses crowdfunding.

We are also joined by crowdfunding expert Chris Day.

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Links and things mentioned in this show – Pledge Music campaign page – The Official website for Charlotte Eriksson – The Official website for The Glass Child

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