Take the Subway Anywhere! Crowdfunding Advice with World Metro Map, Plus News & Weird Wearable Tech

More top-notch crowdfunding advice in this episode of Crowd Scene. Mike and Pete are joined by Gerado Cid, an entrepreneur and designer who – by cunningly weaving together the world’s 214 subway systems, 791 lines and 11,924 stations – has created a stunning map that has taken Kickstarter by storm.

The idea was inspired by a 1959 map created by the Architect Constant Nieuwenhuys. He called his idea ‘New Babylon’, an imaginary borderless system the size of the entire planet were people can travel without restrictions. Gerado and his team have revised this idea to create a map that represents human mobility.

In addition, this new format show features “crowdfunding expert” Chris Day who offers up some truly original ideas for wearable tech. Mike also cajoles Pete into reading the news.

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Links and things mentioned in this show

Louis Wittig’s Go Fund Me campaign


Louis Wittig – website

The article that Pete sort-of read about the Donald Trump campaign

The World Metro Map – Kickstarter Campaign

@jerrycid – Gerado Cid on Twitter

ArtCodeData – a collective interested in the intersection between Art, Visualization and information

Ukiyo-e Heroes – Gerado’s Guest Pick on Kickstarter

Pedal Forward – Bamboo Bicycles for All (Kickstarter Campaign)

2Do Before I Die: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to the Rest of Your Life – An incredible, life-changing book written by two ridiculously talented writers

@wordbeard – Crowdfunding Expert Chris Day on Twitter

Words to live by

You never fail until you stop trying.

Albert Einstein

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