Happy Birthday Forever! Professional troublemaker Travis Peterson kickstarts a prank birthday card

Mike and Pete are joined by Travis Peterson, an entrepreneur and professional trouble maker. He and his brother Nick Peterson are the creators of The Best Prank Birthday Card Ever! – A musical Birthday card that NEVER STOPS PLAYING – well, until the battery dies or you break it. And that’s the point.

As website Geek Dad puts it: “You know those candles you can’t blow out? This is so much worse.”

So, can you think of someone near and dear to you that you’d like to give that card to? Someone you want to drive crazy? If so, you are not alone…

Nearly 3,000 fans thought Travis and his team had a great idea and enthusiastically backed the campaign. He and Nick set out to raise just $7,500 on Kickstarter but they obviously touched a nerve out there, because just 30 days later, thousands of backers had contributed an incredible $92,000!

AND – they’re back for more – they are currently embroiled in a 2nd campaign that finishes at the end of this year.

So, listen in to the conversation as the guys talk crowdfunding, creativity, entrepreneurship, and how a simple, fun idea can attract so much attention.

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