Is This The Next Minecraft? Mike and Pete Talk Gaming With TerraTech Chief Russ Clarke

Is Russ Clarke’s TerraTech the next Minecraft? The Guardian certainly thinks it’s a contender and a growing fanbase and list of awards are proof of its early success.

Russ is founder of game developer Payload Studios and is the lead developer of TerraTech. He joins Mike and Pete in the studio for this edition of Crowd Scene.

TerraTech is a physics-based game about exploring an alien planet, mining resources and blowing stuff up! But it’s not a typical video game – as you explore worlds you’re inventing, finding resources and building vehicles– in that sense it’s not unlike a new kind of Lego. In fact, as Russ puts it, TerraTech is like “Lego with guns”.

Russ set out to raise £35,000 on Kickstarter to bring TerraTech to life and by the end of the campaign, more than 1,600 backers took the total over £39,000. Russ shares a wealth of advice both as an entrepreneur and as a crowdfunder.

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