The Game Is On! Mike and Pete Play Kickstarted Party Card Game with Inventor Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore, founder of ‘Do Better Games’ and creator of the game Bring Your Own Book is our guest in this episode.

About himself, Matthew says, “I did everything from DJing to selling sheepskin seat covers before finding my home in game design.”

Bring Your Own Book is a game where players literally bring their own books along and win or lose based on their ability to find interesting, amusing or witty responses to questions found in the game’s deck of cards. Matthew explains how the game works and also how he managed to raise 400% of his goal on Kickstarter. He was looking for $13,000 and ended up a month later with more than $55,000, raised from around 1,900 backers.

This episode of Crowd Scene also marks the ‘Inaugural Podcast Playing of Bring Your Own Book’! Mike, Pete and Matthew have fun playing a few rounds of the game during the show.

Bring Your Own Book was selected as one of eight games for the ‘Tabletop Indie Showcase’ for the inaugural PAX South in 2015. Along with designer Luke Nalker, Matthew prepared his Kickstarter campaign to coincide with that event.

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Links and things mentioned in this show

Bring Your Own Book – website

Bring Your Own Book – Kickstarter campaign page

Matthew Moore – Personal website

Luke Nalker – Artist and designer

PAX South – Gaming show in Texas

Machine of Death: A collection of stories about people who know how they will die – Edited by Ryan North and Matthew Bennardo

George’s Marvelous Medicine – by Roald Dahl

Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations – by Simon Rich

Save the Sci Fi – Crowdfunding campaign by Cici James, co-founder of Singularity and Co., a bookshop in New York

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