Mini-Episode: Post-Crowfall Appreciation, the Foul-Mouthed Mr Bingo and our Awesome Next Guests

Hosts Michael Ogden and Peter Dean take a breather between regular episodes to share their thoughts on talking with J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton of Crowfall in the previous show. We also give a shout out to our Crowdfunding Pick of The Week (great name!) with a campaign that has the funniest video you are ever likely to see on Kickstarter, but will it be enough to get through Pete’s famously high humor threshold? We wrap things up in this episode by talking a little about our forthcoming guests on Crowd Scene – the dynamic duo of Rebecca Melsky and Eva St Clair, aka Princess Awesome. Check it out!

The Crowd Scene theme music is by Kim Boekbinder. Special thanks also to Jim Fowler.