How to Crowdfund A Short Film – Writer/Director Mark Lobatto’s “Blue Borsalino”

Writer and Director Mark Lobatto is our guest on this episode of Crowd Scene. Mark is in the studio with hosts Michael Ogden and Peter Dean and shares how he developed and then successfully crowdfunded his short film, Blue Borsalino.

A staff pick on Kickstarter within hours of launching, and a success within 4 days, neither of these achievements came by chance. From the beginning Mark planned and strategised how best to reach an audience for his film and fund his passion project.

Mark talks about his approach to developing stories, finding a team, and staying motivated. He also digs into how he built his mailing list to ensure it was effective, and comments on his approach to shooting his personal campaign video. A young, upcoming filmmaker with his second short film now under his belt, Mark explains why he feels being honest with yourself and with your audience is key when you’re creating stories and why it’s crucial to follow your instincts.

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