Creativity, Cameras and Cardboard. Kelly Angood Talks To Us About Design And Entrepreneurship

In this episode we’re talking with Kelly Angood, an incredibly talented London-based designer. We’ll be hearing about her successful Kickstarter project from 2013 “The Pop-Up Pinhole Project” to create a unique, affordable camera – it’s a fully-working pinhole camera made of cardboard that you assemble yourself.

Initially part of a student project, Kelly took a legendary Hasselblad camera, something exclusive and unattainable for many, and re-imagined it in everyday, accessible materials.

So in order to fund this project, Kelly set her sights on a goal of £15,000 and by the end of the campaign 881 pinhole-camera-enthusiast backers had helped her more than double that and took the total over £35,000 – which is around $54,000.

Among the many amazing things that were said about the project, Fast Company called it: “a celebration of vintage cameras, papercraft, and medium format film photography in one. It’s not designed to make photography simple; it’s designed to make photography fun.”

Kelly has a lot to share and talks about everything from setting up her first “Studio” in her father’s garage to the specific steps she took to reach – and blast past – her goal on Kickstarter.

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